jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

Zootechnics in Exotic Species O.o!!!

mmmm..... Well, my favorite subject it's not a regular course but a specific elective.

This truly is a very interesting course, which explore topics that we don't  see in the remainder of the studies, like the proper handling and ethology of rabbits, hedgehogs, mice, reptiles and zoo animals,  and  I don`t know..... our responsibility as a vet

In other side, the lecturer is a really nice guy, and his view of the relation between animal and humans is just like mine. He said that animal aren’t just "pets" but "amigales”, a name invented by the professor, which means that they are more than a company animals, are friends, so we can keep a bilateral relationship with them, having a emotional feedback.

The course is full, unlike many other electives; this shows us that the interest of students is increasingly linked to this area.

All this things makes Zootechnics in Exotic Species my favorite subject at this time :)

Hope you can do this course, you don´t regretted

Magda ^^

martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

Salvador Allende Gossens

  Many times we heard that policy is not made by greates men, but in this case, the policy creates 
Men with greatness
For many people it is a known name, of course, he was  a Chilean president (although in a short time), but few know specifically who was and what Salvador Allende truly did
The story is known, a thousand days government, economical 
conspiracies and political right forces allowed the Armed Forces to interrupt with blood and fire on  September 11  of 1973 the Chilean socialist democracy. Salvador Allende paid with his life for his deep democratic commitment , and his unwavering loyalty to his people. But even before sizing the sad period that Chile lived, he gave us the hope that later that early will reopen the great avenues

His government was one of the most progressive in the recent decades, in a short time, nationalized basic resources of the country, intervened in large industrial monopoly, gave land to peasants, socialized banks (regularizing the financial system), extended the country's domestic market, extended liberties and political rights and culture; in short, made Chile the most advanced democracy in the continent.
This doctor with a socialist soul, not only followed the Balmaceda's reformers footsteps, but was able with his Marxist ideology and revolutionary thoughts, by fighting, to forge a united latinamerican spirit of solidarity, with identity and with eyes and ears attentive to the revolutionary process in the world.

This, a humble sketch, only the initial notes for each person reading this,I just pretend increase your interest in knowing more about this great man, Salvador Allende Gossens

jueves, 21 de abril de 2011

life as a Vet o.O!

Well, in this post I suposed to write why I chose this career o.O.... that's a little hard for me, 'cause I'm not pretty sure D:
The thing is, that being a vet was like a "childhood dream" ..... it was my "one and only" , but then I  started Highschool, and my chances were no longer become a doctor or a vet, but a sociologist or something related with politiks or social work.
everythin was very clare to me until my beloved dog died just a few days before the PSU(for his spanish abbreviation) test, and I remembered all the reasons why I wanted to be a vet.
So, that's why I put veterinary as my first option.... and I have to say that I would never regret, 'cause it  give me the chance to know  very nice people,  some of this people are really goods friends of mine. Also it bring me the oportunity of  help animals, taken care about enviroment and contribute to shift mentality of people.
My deeper wish is each person can see that all kind of life is valuable and we must respect them.

PS: I miss something! D: ..... I love cats !

domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Hi!!! my name is Andrea Paredes, but everyone calls me Magda (my middle name), I'm 19 years old and I live in Santiago. I'm currently studying Veterinary at the University of Chile, initially was not sure of the decision, but now I realize that was the best I could have done. 
I like politics and social issues, although some people branded me as naive or idealistic :/ 
........on the other hand I also like painting and music, mostly classic rock, as queen or the beatles (H)
 I'm not a very computer-dependent, so probably  I'll do not write very often o.O! ...... but what matters is not quantity but quality; ;D
I hope you like mi insanity, see you in other post  :)

PS: I forgot ... I love chocolate and tell bad jokes (really bads)  ._.